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About Us

Good Good hair & Company is a westcoast brand specializing in handcrafted Organic Hair & Beard Products.

Our Motto is "All Hair is Good Hair".


Good Good Hair & Co. LLC was created in 2020 by Alexis Lawrence. A full-time Mental health Counselor, CSWA working towards her LCSW. As well as a self-taught Natural Hair Care Stylist,  & Entrepreneur. We provide exceptional hair products, services and expertise to a wide range of clients. We are located in Portland, OR. Good Good Hair & Co. is soley owned and operated by Alexis Lawrence and is a Black Woman Owned business.

The mission of Good Good Hair and Co. LLC is to empower and uplift individuals to feel confident wearing their natural hair. We strive to create quality hair products for a wide range of hair types using no silicones, parabens or harmful chemicals.  We honor and celebrate our crowns at their natural state. We value diversity and having hair products that everyone can use. 

Meet the CEO

My name is Alexis Lawrence and I am the CEO of Good Good Hair & Co. Born and raised in Portland, OR. I created this brand because I wanted to help individuals to feel empowered with their natural hair. I started this hair care line after realizing that a lot of the hair products I was using, were leaving my hair dry, stiff, and making it prone to breakage. I kept wondering why I could not grow my hair length past my shoulders (I'm sure others can relate). I started doing research on different hair products and the ingredients used, and I learned that some of the ingredients in my products were harmful alcohols and other toxic chemicals linked to carcinogens.

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I gained more interest in starting my own hair care line after realizing that I was paying large amounts of money for the "top" products that were actually really harmful and damaging to my hair. My "so-called go-to products" were the actual reason that my hair was so dry and brittle. I stopped using those products and started doing research on healthy and organic ingredients that were safe to use on hair. I then started to manifest my own ideas of products that I wanted to create, doing research on starting a business and a lot more. 

In the middle of a pandemic, I manifested my dreams and went BIG! Why not?! I started formulating my own hair products and testing them to perfection, designed my labels from scratch, crafted branding and marketing materials and Voila!

I hope I serve as an example to others and can help to inspire those who have been skeptical about starting your own business. Follow your dreams, plan accordingly, and save! For me, this all started as an idea, and now we're here! Thank you so much for visiting my page. 


"Embrace & Celebrate your natural hair"

-Alexis Lawrence, CEO