Why I decided to start a Natural Haircare line?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Starting a Natural Haircare line in 2020, during the year of the dreadful "Pandemic" was definitely not something that I imagined myself doing at the start of last year. By day, I am a mental health counselor at a local non-profit in Portland, OR. I don't make as much money as I would like, so I've always braided hair on the side as a way to rack in extra money.

It wasn't until I started seeing my cousin working on her lipgloss business, that I thought about starting my own hair care company. When I finally decided to take the leap of faith, I made the #1 mistake most entrepreneurs can make when starting out my business, I got my LLC before I had completed my business plan. Once this happened, I felt this extreme amount of pressure to hurry up and start my business.

I dived into countless hours of studying cosmetic formulations, how to create them, how to manufacture them, product packaging, marketing research, finding the appropriate vendors to get my packaging, ingredients, containers, labels, the whole sha-bang. When I tell you, I did not sleep or eat for months. The only thing that I ate, slept, and breathed was my business venture.

I really wanted to do something that no one else was doing (so I thought) and create more representation for ethnic hair types, the whole "for us by us" mentality took over. I was tired of buying products that were marketed with black faces, and learning that the owners/CEO's were not people of color. I wanted to create products that my target audience could identify with and take pride in. There we have it, the birth of Good Good Hair & Company.

Since the launch of my business, I have had an outpour of support from the people within my community. I strive to make my business better each and everyday. I encourage anyone to definitely dream big and shoot for the stars, because you never know how many shot's you will make unless you take the shot!!

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