Top 5 Protective Hairstyles

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

  1. Box Braids

Everyone's go to style for simplicity but versatility is Box Braids. This style is for individuals who want to protect their hair for a long period of time (usually lasts 4-7 weeks) and want to be able to style their hair differently.

2. Knotless Braids

Knotless Braids are a new phenomena in the Natural Hair Community! Everyone loves a good box braid, but this one is popular for making the braid appear to be growing from the individual's scalp. This style is also more lightweight on the head and is preferred for individual's with thinner/sensitive hair as compared to getting regular box braids.

3. Two-Layer Goddess Braids (w/Box Braids in the back)

This style allow you to have the fullness that box braids provide, however, spices this style up with a cute design in the front. This style can be very versatile as well, some people like to add in hair jewelry to really give this style a unique look. The feed-in technique is used to add in wavy hair pieces and give off the look of "Goddess".

4. Butterfly Locs

This style is a fun twist on faux locs, however, are a little messier than faux locs. These can be styled short, medium or long. This style is a great protective hairstyle, fully protecting your hair by having it wrapped in marley/free tres hair.

5. Feed-in Braids

This is a go to style for individuals who want a quick protective style (usually last 1-2 weeks). This style can be very diverse, with hair coming down the sides similar to the picture below, or with cornrows being braided towards the back of the head.

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